Tips For a Better Family Vacation

The family vacation is not as common as it was in the past. Both parents tend to work longer hours than previous generations, many kids split their summers between two households and adults often vacation with friends rather than family. In fact, a recent Harris Poll revealed that 33 percent of parents were planning their vacation trip with their friends and not their children. It is understandable that parents want some time away, but it is also unfortunate. Family vacations make wonderful memories for children and shared experiences help everyone to bond better. A family getaway does not have to be elaborate or lengthy. Even just a long weekend will work. Here are some tips for making the most out of those few precious days.


  • Keep the schedule simple and leave time for spontaneous activities.
  • Get children involved in the vacation planning and the packing.
  • Bring activity packs to keep kids active during flights, long car trips or in the evening at the hotel.
  • Keep electronic devices turned off and communicate with each other.
  • Choose a location that offers a little something for everyone.
  • Challenge everyone to do something they have never done before.

Do Not:

  • Overbook the whole stay in order to prevent missing something.
  • Spend the entire time snapping photos and posting them on social media sites.
  • Drive 1,000 miles non-stop to save money on a flight or hotel.
  • Refuse to rent a larger vehicle and make everyone squeeze in for a stuffy, queasy adventure.
  • Force everyone to finish every tour and complete each activity even when they express their unhappiness.
  • Insist that the entire family spend every minute together despite having very different interests.

Vacation planning cannot really begin until a destination is chosen. This is often the most difficult part of the entire event. Many blended families have large age gaps between their children and it is hard to find something that will appeal to everyone. A few suggestions from the experts never hurts, so visit for some great family vacation destination ideas. Remember to check out neighboring towns and activities close to home too. A great vacation experience may be right in the backyard.